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Media can elevate or manipulate. The insidious nature of media favors all biases--implicit biases, confirmation bias, stereotypes, and values are no longer represented in the 21st Century. In the United States media can feel like a giant rummage sale, overflowing with content of questionable quality. Everything's vying for your attention, but most of it is just clutter. Cultural competence, they tell you, is the key to navigating this mess. But that reduces you to a shopper, sifting through piles of bias to find the occasional bargain.

At ReMedia (Responsible Media Group, LLC), we are a team of critical thinkers who understand that media does more than entertain and influence purchasing decisions; it also shapes our unconscious biases and  influences social justice. Our services are designed to dismantle bias, spark critical thinking, and advocate for inclusive cultures. Instead of teaching you to be a better consumer, we empower you to push through the piles of media bias and become an active participant in reframing the cultural narrative.


ReMedia champions responsible media consumption and readily helps individuals and organizations navigate the complex world of media with a critical lens. Given the power of media bias and its impact on information consumption. Our programs equip you with the skills to identify hidden agendas, evaluate sources effectively, and deconstruct biased narratives. By fostering critical thinking and inclusivity, we help you create and consume content that reflects diversity.Join us in rewriting the media narrative, story by story, for a more equitable and informed future.

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The Mere Exposure Effect Workshop (MEEW) is not your standard DEIB unconscious bias training.  MEEW is ReMedia’s science-backed, anti-racism training analyzing bias in news reporting, media, and advertising. Leveraging social psychology, we examine a century of "fake news stories" and biased media programming to dissect the long-term effects of media bias and how it impacts our perceptions and decisions. The MEEW empowers you to break down the hidden biases in your code, hone your critical thinking skills, and create solutions to mitigate cognitive biases in the content you consume and create.

Transcript The mere exposure effect is a workshop  that's designed for media creatives to   really think critically about what they're putting into the world and how their biases might be showing up in their work. The Mere Exposure effect says that the more often people are exposed to a message, the more familiar and normalized it becomes. Dominant culture has said you have to be this way and this way and this way. We're trying to normalize other experiences, we want to normalize skin tone, we want to normalize weight, we want to normalize the full spectrum of humanity. I thought about for my ideas of people that look like me. When I thought growing up like 11, 12 years old, how am I going to be successful as an adult? What do I need to do? I wanted to be a football player and I don't even like football. That's why it's different it's different  because it's for everyone. It's different because it's not philosophy, its science. "We utilize the Responsible Media Group last year to do the mere exposure effect workshop with a group of people from our industry, and found it incredibly helpful. In fact everybody on the call afterwards sort  of followed up with me about things that we  could do, things that we aren't doing, and also  the things that we learned on it."    You're not in Kansas anymore with this one, everybody, this is something that is very unique and   every company and client that we  have presented to to date comes out of this literally transformed.  "Once you go down that rabbit hole you can't, you can't unsee it." [Music] English


At ReMedia Consulting, our approach is rooted in empathy and tangible outcomes. We believe in tackling barriers head-on and integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into the fabric of your organizational culture.  Our DEI strategies, training programs for LMS, and professional development initiatives guide you through a comprehensive journey of assessment, strategy development, and implementation.

Meanwhile, ReMedia Production specializes in compelling digital storytelling to amplify your message. From ideation to post-production, we work hand-in-hand with  you to bring your vision to life. Whether it's a video that explains  systemic racism  or BTS footage to promote your brand on social media, the ReMedia production team checks every box on your list.

Transcript - I'm gonna use oppression as fuel for achievement. - Anyone can be a leader in the outdoors. - I'm a brown, curvy girl that be on a bike getting it. I believe education needs a rebranding. I believe we must show a different narrative, a different side of what it means to be an educator. It is lit up here. I love being an educator. I'm Nicole Watson. I am a principal in the Park Girls School. - As a black woman who has excelled in white spaces, I learned it real, a real... early age that there were two games I needed to play. I need to play the game to be a part of my community and I also need to play the game to make white people comfortable with me. I had to make a decision on being authentic. That means speaking plainly and speaking honestly in whatever level and position I'm in. - My first ever women's adventure weekend. And we're about to go crabbing, foraging, and eating deliciously all weekend long with this amazing group of women. It's like the way to spend the day. - This is your spotlight. We want to thank you. We want to thank you for creating safe spaces for our children. We want to thank you for closing your eyes and taking that deep breath before you have to walk in the door and defend one of our babies. We want to thank you. You for showing our children that there is a pathway for them. What we do matters is designed to be effective, enjoyable, and easy to use. It's organized in 12 modules, each on a specific topic. - Once you go down that rabbit hole, you can't unsee it. - The people deserve the best of me.



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"[Jae] was encouraging, redirecting us when needed and helping us see the positive in our feedback."

Suzy Jeffreys, North by Northwest Community Health

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